The protection of the environment is a core consideration in our approach to architectural design.

Through our analysis of the client’s requirements and the site context we seek to generate a design solution where passive qualities provide the mainstay of the building’s environmental attributes.

We will seek project specific environmental targets from clients early in the project design process.

We undertake to advocate green technology solutions to our clients. We keep abreast of the changing environmental issues and with innovative construction methods, technologies and materials, so as to bring to every project a depth of knowledge from which to formulate a solution, which is optimal to the environment and the client.

We work in collaboration with environmental and services engineers, and encourage their involvement as early as possible to achieve an integrated design and technical solution. We will also continue dialogue with the client users and other professionals after occupancy , to gain feedback and to accumulate knowledge and experience.We will, with this feedback and the recording of key data; project by project; set goals to effect a progressive improvement  in the environmental efficiency of the buildings we design .