Dowlais Ironworks Stables

Dowlais Stables is a monument of the early industrial age – it was built in 1820 for haulage horses used in the Ironworks.  With mechanisation the stables became obsolete by the end of the 19th century and by the 1930’s the Ironworks had closed.  The building had fallen into ruin during a century of decline.

The project involved part reinstatement and part restoration of the façade and pavilions and the adaptive reuse of the site.  The scheme provides new homes and has made a significant contribution to wider urban renewal.

Following works to stabilise and consolidate the ruins under the direction of the local Heritage Trust, the façade, entrance block and flanking pavilions were restored.  A scheme of 16 flats for elderly people was then designed to be set behind the façade.  The flats were designed to fit into the shallow plan and cross-section profile of the original stable block.  Access to first floor flats is from external decks along the rear elevation.  As the façade could not support new loads, the roof and all other new elements are supported independently of it.

The entire project received multi-agency funding; including contributions, cooperation and support from the Housing Corporation, Heritage bodies, Local Authority and Development Agency.